Storage, Backup & Data Security System


At present, many data management solutions focus on live and real-time access data. This ensures critical and important information reaches the desired personnel in a timely manner for quick action. Hence, enabling the business application and data access via web is a must.

We know that the there is a huge data volume flowing in and out of our business applications every minute. Let’s give it a thought, “What if suddenly the one and only data keepers’ storage is corrupt? How can we provide a secure platform to the confidential data? How should we handle data explosions within the organizations?”

Our Storage, Backup and Security solution provides your organization with the following:

  • By providing protection to the important and confidential data shared across the organizations.
  • Data backup software/application stores a set of data apart from the daily server(s) in a second location for recovery and contingency plan.
  • Provide a storage solution to handle the operational data growth overtime.

On top of the above mentioned, this solution is able to adapt to the increased demands in future by leveraging on our total Information Technology solution offering.

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