Information Technology Solution

Our IT services covers a wide range of technologies suited to individual client’s needs. These include capabilities such as high availability and high performance computing, easy-access and highly secured system, manageable and easy-retrieval data bank, effectively presented and analysed, expandable system for future expansion and last but not least a cost-effective solutions.

Hardware & Infrastructure

Our business solutions:

  • Computing and Virtualization – We offer customers choices with advanced yet simple-to-implement virtualization options, uniquely tailored to their individual business needs.
  • Flash Cloud and Hybrid Storage – We have the expertise to build your Data Fabric on the industry’s broadest portfolio of all-flash, hybrid-flash, and object storage systems. Your enterprise apps can be taken to the next level—with industry-leading performance, scalability, and simplicity.
  • Converged and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure – We help to modernize your data management and with pre-validated to assist our customers to  consolidate multiple applications on one system with predictable performance to achieve enterprise scale.
  • Our Storage, Backup and Security solution –  provides your organization protection to the important and confidential data shared across the organizations; Data backup software/application stores a set of data apart from the daily server(s) in a second location for recovery and contingency plan; and Provide a storage solution to handle the operational data growth overtime.
  • Networking solution – network enablement, firewall and security. We team up with the best networking provider such as Cisco and Aruba Network to embed the latest technology into our client business for more secure, scalable and flexible infrastructure implementation.

Customised Application

One of the key in providing a well-accepted solution, especially a new-line introduction system, is customization. Customised solution facilitates better users understanding of its usage and provide an effective shorter learning curve. Our customization will be able to cater to various requirements. Just to name a few;

  • Customizing data entry/registration forms helps in reducing data entry error, providing an appropriate guide for the data requisition and prepare a step-by-step flow for proper data submission.
  • Designing and developing a customized dashboard to facilitate quick and effective decision making.
  • Generating comprehensive and easy to understand reports, schedules or statistics based on the pre- defined templates and formats based on organization’s standards.
  • Provide easy and seamless data retrieval and information searches with just a few clicks.

Database Management Solution

We have leveraged our solution offering a step further by extending into database management which provides user with a cost-effective yet powerful database management approach in handling large set of data. With an effective database management, clients are able to organize and manage their data collection for easy-access, sharing and viewing.

Since data will expand and develop over time, proper database management allows clients to invest in the modular yet scalable solution, which can be built up gradually from a simple database storage to a full fledge data management with a proper architecture in place to support various integration capabilities.

We are also appointed by Oracle Malaysia as GOLD Partner (Oracle Partner Network) – PSAD (Public Sector Addendum)

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